Elderberry – Herb That Cures The Deadly Cancer!


        The herb that cures the deadly cancer, called elderberry, is a shrub that grows in the deserts and around rivers. This herb’s fruit is being harvested, which resembles a blueberry and has almost the same size. It grows in late August – early September. The fruit should be well mature in order to possess the medicinal properties. Once you harvest it, wash it and place it in jars, alternating – one layer of elderberries then one layer of sugar. Fill the jar this way to the top. Store the jar in a sunny place so it ferments. After two weeks you need to close the jar and store it in the refrigerator. You can make 2, 3 or 4 jars, but only two are enough until the next year. Take one teaspoon every morning of the remedy, on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before breakfast.

        A man from Bulgaria, who talks about his life path and fighting the plague of the 21st century – cancer, confirms this plant’s healing effects. His story gives many people hope, and why this is so read bellow!

      “Back in 2002 I found out I had a brain tumor – benign. I was immediately admitted to the “BLD – Sofia” for a surgery. The tumor was large 5/5 centimeters, but the surgery went successfully. Neurosurgeons in this hospital are the best in Bulgaria. After two years it has been shown that the tumor is recurrent (metastatic) and is almost the same size. I had to undergo another surgery – doctors disposed with laser technique and the surgery went ok, but it turned out that I got paralysis on the left arm and leg. They examined the tumor and it showed to be atypical. Then I went to the oncology and radiotherapy followed, but it did not help – the tumor recur again and imposed a new surgery. After, I went to rehab and there, to my luck, I met a man who changed my life. He shared with me that he was suffering from kidney cancer. After the man’s surgery, doctors turned out to perform unsuccessful surgery and gave him 3 to 4 months to live. Then he met a woman who told him about the elderberry and the method of preparation of the remedy. He began to take on the difficult diagnosis – 5 months have passed and he is still alive! He went to examination and the results showed that there was nothing left of the cancer. Then I started to take it, naturally, and spent 2 months to picked the herb and prepare it. I began to drink the remedy. Four years have passed since the last surgery – until now i did not experience relapse. ”
Elderberries can be taken in combination with your prescribed medicaments, therefore, no need to panic about taking both. It is beneficial for the immune system and against many other diseases.

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