Emotional Vampires


       Emotional vampires are people who draw your energy. Of course the term “emotional vampire” is not a specialized term, but is a term that in psychology slang marks this second type of people. There are more types such as the depressive one, the victim, the critic, the narcissus, the drama queen, the talkative one, the manipulator, the controller, the perfectionist and many others. Each of them has its own way to draw your energy bringing you to fatigue and makes you depressed.

       In order to make sure that there is emotional vampires in your surroundings you need to recognize the following symptoms in yourself: you often feel tired, your eye lids and simply closing and you feel like you are sleeping, you carve for good snacks and similar products in carbohydrates, your mood suddenly drops, you feel insufficiently appreciated and belittled, feel anxious, depressed and negative.

        The energy is the key indicator of whether someone is an emotional vampire or not. If you often feel mood swings when you are with that person, you are definitely dealing with an emotional vampire. If that person changes your mood from positive to negative, you do not need some stronger indicators. You may find such people your immediate family you will have hard time avoiding them. But in case you were attracted to an emotional vampire and ended up dating him/her, then once you become aware that person draws your energy and has terribly negative impact on you and your mental health, make sure to deal with him/her while not too late.

        There are several actions that can be taken to deal with emotional vampires. First, we need to have a clear idea of ​​what is the nature of our relationship with such a person. If you are self-confident enough and you love yourself, the smartest thing to do is to end the relationship with every person that disturbs the energy balance in a negative sense. Only surround yourself with optimistic people that fill you with emotional power and are capable of strong emotional ties. You should know that their problems are not yours. Simply, you cannot be one’s therapist all the time. Sometimes you have to be honest to yourself and to the other person and say they need professional help. Their response is expected to be the least captivating of that idea, but things must be said.

       Emotional vampires are type of people who need lots of love and attention. They always want to be in the spotlight. They have many disadvantages that are trying to hide by demonstrating a false confidence. If they have trouble with their parents and things from their past that need to be dealt with, then it can be overcome through psychotherapy.

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