Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain BULL URINE & SEMEN


There are many energy drinks on the market today, and after testing them, the Longhorn Cattle Company presented the results of their research that made the consumers fuming.

The caffeine in huge amounts was not the component in question, it was the fact that one of the condiments of the energy drinks is actually derivative from bull urine and semen.

It is necessary to mention that this component was not tied up to a specific brand of energy drink, but regular component used in mass production. Taurine was found in all drinks. One of the most popular energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster were also subject of investigation.

The extract called Tuaurine is actually the  semen and urine from a bull. The origin of the word Taurine is from the Latin word Tauris which translated into English means bull.

The first extract of this compound was in 1827 when two scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon, both form Austria. It is common knowledge in the scientists world that Tauirne can be found in the bulls semen, liver and urine. Taurine doesn’t belong to any carboxyl group, but its general classification is amino acid.

If you are just leaving your favorite chair rushing to the beverage cooler and throwing the drinks, nobody will judge you. Unless you don’t mind that ingredient, but just to make sure, the information comes again, yes, all energy drinks contain Taurine, no exceptions.

The major part of this ingredient come directly from the bulls testicles, and millions of people ingest it on a daily basis, not knowing what they are actually consuming.

We will not be advising you to search the www, but there is a leaked graphic video on the internet where in details is shown the whole process of extracting the compound, and is probably released by formal employee of that major company producing this energy drink.

In the past few years so many doctors and specialists are pointing out the dangers of consuming energy drinks, and they are pointing them out as a primary source for stroke and heart attack when it comes to illnesses caused by drinks. Taking that risk, I believe that the information that energy drinks contain bull semen and bull urine would be the line that will broke the camel’s back, and after reading this, you will never reach out for these products.

If you do not stop consuming energy drinks, you are probably one of those types of people that like living risky life and probably making some bad health choices.

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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