Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen


All of us know that potatoes are quite common ingredient in cuisines worldwide. They provide numerous health benefits and are part of a multiple tasty recipes. However, there are some cases when they can cause harmful consequences to your health. After reading this text, you will want to throw away your potatoes if you see them rotten, and this is the reason why:

In 2014, Maria Chelysheva, a 8-year-old girl from Russia, became an orphan because of a sack of old, rotten potatoes that her family had kept in the basement. When her father went downstairs to get some potatoes, he didn’t return. Her mother went to see what happened to her husband, and had the same fate. The same happened to her brother and her grandmother, who before she died, she called the neighbor to help her.

This tragic destiny of Maria’s family was caused by a glycoalkaloid, which is a harmful chemical substance found in the potatoes that makes them toxic under certain conditions and circumstances. Glycoalkaloid is also found in the nightshade plants. Not only it’s poisonous if eaten, but this toxic chemical is terminally bad if inhaled as well. Glycoalkaloids’s concentration in potatoes rises up when they are rotten, thus emitting a toxic gas that killed Maria’s family. Maria might have become the next victim eventually, since she began to searching for her family. Luckily, the toxic gas had evaporated a little bit thanks to her mother who had left the door of the basement open.

This tragic fate should raise awareness about the potential catastrophic consequences of rotten potatoes in the kitchen. Therefore, as soon as you notice the potatoes start becoming a little bit bad, get rid of them immediately.

Source: www.goodmorningcenter.com


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