Equality (Inequality) Between Sexes

              Women’s part, in the past, was to stay at home and be mothers, housewives and wives. All this made them dependent on man. Today women are still all that but the difference is they have the possibility to educate and are capable of providing a living for them and their children.


              However, women’s situation in today’s society lies on double standards. The reality shows that modern women often neglect their families in order to build career for themselves. Kids lose family values and do not respect their parents because they were not raised to do so. We better do not even discuss about obedience and who ought to raise them, while their mothers are building careers? Primary and main woman’s task, duty and role is her family. She is the pillar and if she does not stand firm, her family will fall apart or will not function properly (will be dysfunctional). Modern women are selfish rather than strong. They even sacrifice their children for some sort of a “career”. It is not disputed women’s education, which is needed for them and for raising their children (the education starts and ends in the home), but every office job is not a career. Women who had career, such as Maria Callas or Condoleezza Rice, are completely dedicated to some scientific discipline (music, literature, politics etc.). Usually they do not get married and do not have any children. This is why they shape our history as it is. What kind of career is the one where a woman sits in a lawyer’s or doctor’s office all day long? Yes, it is a paid job, but it is not even close to career. Of course, if the man does not earn enough, it is all right for the woman to get a job in order to help. However, she is the one that chooses her life and must respect the rights and duties that come with it.


              Often divorces confirm modern women’s weaknesses. These women are also selfish, impatient and in some cases even hysterical. Strong woman (the firm pillar) does not show any kind of weakness when she comes across a certain problem even if it was about flood or some other sort of accident. Instead, she firmly stands for her family and fights until her last breath. Man is not “sex towel” who can always fulfill his wife’s senses. He is the head of family who needs to be reasonable and fair when judging. His wife needs to voluntarily obey because this way their love will be undoubtedly confirmed, because there cannot be love without respect and obedience.

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