Everyday Use Of Tablets And Mobile Phones Affects Humans’ Psyche

          Children Interacting With Tablet Technology

             Tablet, mobile phone and lap top are every modern man’s “best friends”. All of us carry these devises everywhere we go. We type messages while in the bus, check Facebook while in the toilet and we check what is new as soon as we start our day.

             However, modern researches have shown these modern devices affect our psyche, especially children’s. Namely, these devices are often used as a tool for dealing with child hysteria, which can turn out to be a source of emotional disorders of children at a later age because the child will not know how to control its feelings. Children must always show their feelings and not suppress them by playing video games, which will attract their attention. Parents who use the video game-way are actually preventing development of their children’s inner self-control mechanism. Time spent in front the computer or tablet has negative impact on children’s linguistic and social development.

           Communication is the key for children’s normal development. Unfortunately, communication between children and their parents is decreased to minimum due to use of these modern devices. Both lack of parental advisory and control and excessive sitting in front of the computer increase the possibility for the children to be less successful at school, have damaged sight and the risk of addiction to alcohol and other psychoactive substances to be greater.


          Mobile phones and tablets are relatively small. This means the position you are in, while using these devices, is constant and it seems the person is withdrawn into themselves. This affects mood and it can even lower self-esteem. This is why you need to spread you arms, take more space, relax, lift your head up, or just simply leave those damn mobile phones and tablets.

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