Explanations Of Several Doctors About How Good Is To Practice Anal Sex


         Several doctors gave their own explanations for whether it is good or not to practice this kind of sexual play. Here is what the doctors say.

          According to Dr. Michael Kraymen for anal sex you must use means of protection because there is always a risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and make sure to always use a lubricant. It is mandatory change the condom if you switch from anal to vaginal sex.

          Many women enjoy anal sex because the many nerve endings are surrounding the anus providing high sensitivity. Another bonus that affects the enjoyment of this type of sex is that you do not have to fear of unwanted pregnancy. Before starting this kind of sexual play it is good to wash yourself well or use an enema because that option will increase the enjoyment because you surely do not want to experience some discomfort said Dr. Alice Dvek.

          According to Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle there are increased risks when it comes to anal sex. One common concern is about the transmission of human papillomavirus (HPV). Certain types of HPV cause cancer, and when it comes to anal HPV it can sometimes lead to anal cancer. There are documented studies that show that people who have had anal penetration with multiple partners are more likely to get cancer on the anus. Other potential risk of anal sex is the risk of E. coli infection. Also, due to practicing this kind of sex you can develop urinary tract infections and intestines infections. Frequent practicing of anal sex can also lead to breakage and damage to the muscles of the anus, which can cause fecal incontinence or inability to hold on before visiting the toilet.

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