Facebook As A Cause Of Stress

            Most Facebook users tent to have as much friends as possible, not knowing that their tendency could negatively affect their mental health.


            Most studies have shown that the bigger number of friends on Facebook the bigger risk for nervousness. In moments when you add your superiors, colleagues, parents the anxiety highly increases.

            Many parents stalk their children on Facebook, for protection reasons, of course, and also many employees do not hire certain job applicants because their Facebook profile’s appearance.


            Social networks can affect our emotions and can sometimes make people feel unsuccessful and unaccomplished. For example, when you see your old friend’s status update saying she has found her prince charming, while you have just finished signing divorce documents. Fortunately, you can avoid these stresses by logging out of Facebook and going to some great party with your friends, going for a nice long walk or simply by reading a book.

            Even though people today feel pressure which, kind of, forces them to use Facebook, they are pretty ambivalent when it comes to this social network’s benefits. When people are asked what is the reason they are using Facebook, most of them said the reason is staying in contact with family and friends, without further explanations. Most people get anxious just of the thought they missed something on Facebook.

            In the very beginnings, this social network was used as a place for fun with friends, where you can play different games, drink and flirt. However, today it is not like that because you have your MOM and DAD and even your BOSS on your friend’s list. This people’s presence only brings you nervousness and it represents a mine field of anxiety.

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