Fantasy In Preschool Children


            It is important to say that preschool children have problems to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy. So children tell you something, they add details or exaggerate the story as they envision it in their brain. At this stage of development, the child is not paying attention to his listeners judged whether his statements are true or not, so it is not even trying to hide the “traces” in order for the lie to be successful. When children reach 5-6 years of age, their lies are becoming more creative and better, but still naive. They still re-invent stories and events and strive to be true. At this age children can already distinguish between truth and falsehood. They also keep in mind and are aware of the fact that their listeners evaluate the story. However, they are not yet skilled enough to think up a convincing lie.

           In the sixth year, children are starting to use lies and often to hide the truth in the moments when they know that their behavior may disappoint their parents and recognize some things that are considered true because they are afraid that they will be punished.

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