Focus On The Most Attractive Body Parts And Increase Your Self-Esteem


        Dissatisfaction with the natural appearance can result is a decline in confidence, negatively affecting not only the social but also the sexual life of many women. Excess fat on the belly, the thighs and the buttocks is one of the reasons that they, as they claim, cannot relax and devote to passion.

        Experts argue that it can be changed using a simple mental exercise… In one study researchers studied women who achieved the most points on the test-grading dissatisfaction with personal appearance (none had an eating disorder). Respondents have observed their photos in lingerie and then made a ranking of their body parts – from those who they like the most to those who they hate the most. Then spent 35 minutes either observing all parts of your body or only those they consider most attractive. A second group of respondents (who observed the most attractive parts of their body) achieved a significantly higher degree of complacency with their appearance and weight of the respondents whose attention was directed to all parts of the body. So, focus on those parts that you consider attractive instead of the ones that shake your confidence and spoil your good mood.


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