Fried Foods Increases The Chance Of Cancer Of The Prostate


     Men, if your diet consists mainly of French fries, fried chicken and the like food , you must know that time significantly increases the chance of developing prostate cancer.

     Not only that men who eat fried foods at least once a week at risk of accumulating fat around the abdomen, but are more likely to get prostate cancer, reports the American experts.

     Experts of the Center for Cancer Research Fred Hutchinson analyzed the diet of nearly 1,600 men suffering from prostate cancer, with special emphasis on fried foods, and compared data from 1,500 cancer-free men aged between 35 and 74 years. They found that men who ate the most fried food (at least once a week) were exposed to 30 to 37 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer, and even when they took into account other risk factors such as age, body mass index, or hereditary diseases the results remained unchanged.

    The researchers explained that roasting food creates a compound in food that can cause cancer, such as acrylamide in French fries and heterocyclic amines in meat to be cooked at a high temperature. The research is published in the journal The Prostate.

    Recently, Australian experts have found that men who were almost bald by the age of 40 significantly more likely to develop prostate cancer in the 50s or 60s. The exact reasons are not clear, but studies have yielded indications that the culprit increased concentration of testosterone, a hormone that can act as a trigger the development of cancerous diseases but that also inhibits hair growth. It is believed that it adversely affects the hair follicles, because it acts on the receptor of the hormone and hair growth slows down.

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