Friends Who Drink Alcohol When Out Are More Connected And Have Closer Relationship


        Scientists from Paris conducted a study in which they have gathered information from 150,000 people, dividing them in five main groups, according to the amount of alcohol drunk per day. Their goal was to determine how alcohol affects people’s health and happiness.

        They came to the following conclusions. People who consume moderate alcohol are among the healthiest and happiest, but not because they drink, but because they have an active social life. People who are completely abstained from alcohol are prone to depression. Those who do not incline toward the majority i.e. who drink alcohol in some way feel misunderstood and alienated.

       Friends who drink alcohol when out without hesitation mutually shared secrets, laugh of everyday occurrences and cry about the poor destiny. Such opportunities often create connections between people, which is stronger than the usual one in life, scientists confirm.


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