Get Pregnant Fast With These Tips. Positions And Foods!


A large number of women in the world are having problems getting and staying pregnant because of different reasons. This is why we decided to write an article with 10 tips that will help you conceive and stay pregnant as well as the thing that you should pay most attention to:

  1. Nutrition and Diet

The body’s reproductive system will be ready for pregnancy only with a well-balanced diet. This is why it is recommended that you consume more alkaline foods as they increase the chances of conceiving. Such foods are milk, bean sprouts and peas. Avoid foods such as red meat and tea.

  1. Supplements

Packing some good multivitamin supplements in your diet is a great help for conceiving. The supplements must contain folic acid as this prevents defects in the neural tube.

  1. Medical Check-Ups

It is highly important that you get checked up by a doctor if you’re trying to get pregnant, to pre-detect any possible problem.

  1. Regular Sex

Having regular sex means that the chances of getting pregnant are higher.

  1. Right Positions

Many people consider the sex position to play a big role in getting pregnant. The most recommended position is the missionary position, as it puts the sperm closest to the cervix and increases the chances of fertilization.

  1. Learn the cycle

Timing is one of the things that you must keep a track of if you want to get pregnant.

  1. Make the trip much more easier

The vaginal area is unfriendly to sperm which is why it may be difficult to conceive. Avoid lubricants, sprays, douches, and scented tampons that make the environment unfriendly, in order to increase your chances to conceive.

  1. Avoid smoking, caffeine, illegal drugs and alcohol

According to a number of studies, caffeine, smoking, alcohol and drugs can affect and decrease your chances of getting pregnant, and even result in birth defects.

  1. Maintain the weight and exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight as well as exercising regularly, can improve fertility. Overweight women have a higher level of estrogen, which can result in no or irregular ovulation.

  1. Enjoy yourself

The more aroused you are during the love-making session, the less stress you experience, and we all know that stress is one of the main reason for prevented ovulation and irregular cycles.


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