Study: Ginger Is 10,000x More Effective At Killing Cancer Than Chemo (It Won’t Destroy Healthy Cells!)


For so many years in the past, ginger has been used not only as food, but as medicine as well. It has been a common ingredient in southeastern Asia, widely known for its numerous medicinal, aromatic, and culinary characteristics.

This underground plant was used both as herb and as a spice. It plays various roles in your body and it is an effective remedy for morning sickness. And, according to the latest studies, ginger bring new hope for cancer patients. It can help them by preventing inflammation and nausea during treatment. But, that’s not all:

 In a study which was conducted in the State University in Georgia, it was found that extract of ginger prohibits the growth and expansion of the cancerous cells, and preserves the healthy ones. It doesn’t leave any side effects, on the contrary of a contemporary chemotherapy.  Some of the chemotherapy’s forms can increase the spreading of metastasis, making cancer cells to appear in other body organs, unrelated to the organ which was treated.

In addition, the researchers at George State found out that extract of ginger can eliminate prostate tumors in mice by 55%, reducing inflammation at the same time. This study is only one of the 17 other studies which prove the connection of ginger with the anti-cancer benefits. Ginger was subjected to peer-reviewed studies many times, and all of them proved its healing features when dealing with more than 100 other diseases and issues.

Ginger might be consumed in numerous ways, such as teas, supplements, extracts, or you can eat it in a raw form, if you want to get its benefits instantaneously.



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