Ginger, Honey and Cinnamon Mixture to Reverse Inflammation, Colds, Flu, Cramps, Diabetes and Cancer


     Since time immemorial, people have learned the healing power of herbs and how to use them. Whether used alone or in combination, healing power comes from various chemical compounds contained in them. The most commonly used way it’s a drinking tea, always freshly prepared. If you are seek, or simply you want relax or give you strength, the tea is always welcome, even more usefull from other world famous hot drinks. Today will present an interesting combination that has multifaceted effects on your body. Tea of ginger, lemon, cinnamon and honey.

     For the preparation of the tea is necessary: 5 cm. ginger, a cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon of natural honey, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 1.5 cups of filtered water.

     Preheat the water and add the finely chopped ginger. Once the boil cook some more. Add the cinnamon and cook another 5 minutes. Then strain the tea, add honey and lemon juice and enjoy the delicious taste. This tea has beneficial effects on your body, especially if sick from diabetes, cancer, you have menstrual cramps, dry scalp, headaches, infections, heartburn, indigestion problems, and more.

     Diabetes carries great dangers affecting the heart, kidneys, eyes and can lead to stroke. Antioxidants contained in tea can avoid these dangers. During a cold, flu or nausea, tea with their vitamins helps these conditions to overcome easily. The tea also acts against free radicals, repairs the damaged DNA in cells, and thus preventing the emergence of various types of cancer. After heavy meals or gastric upsets tea is a real balm for internal organs.

     Get up and make you such a tea, do something good for your body!


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