Ginger Destroys Prostate Cancer, Ovarian And Colon Better Than Chemotherapy


Ginger destroys prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancer better than chemotherapy. For many centuries one of the basic natural flavorings in our home cooked meal was and still is ginger. Not only cooks rely on it but also healers who are using alternative medicine to treat so many common illnesses. As science progresses almost every day, so its results are becoming more often surprising. Scientists have discovered that ginger along the amazing taste and healthy properties of ginger, comes along its ability to fight cancer, and it is working better than chemotherapy.


The Journal of Toxicology and Food Chemistry published a study saying that the two main components in ginger, the gingeriest and the paradoxes, are the one that are most effective and may be most helpful in the fight against cancer, due to their anti-carcinogenic abilities. But if you wonder if those are all the properties of ginger, the answer is no. Prostate, colon and eggs are only few places in the body where ginger can attack cancer cells ad basically destroy them simply because ginger is much stronger anti-cancer agent than chemotherapy. Ginger can destroy prostate cancer, and prostate cancer cells. Results from a study done in the US were published by the British Journal of Nutrition and carried the information that the extract from ginger is preventing the cancer cells to grow in the human prostate. And the treatment dose was for every one 1kg body weight, 100mg of ginger extract was needed. The study also mentions that tumor growth was reduced for almost 56% only with ginger extract. The estimated amount of ginger that a ill person of 70 kg should take per day is only 100 gr

The body cells such as cells of bones or stomach were not affected in a negative way by all means by using ginger as medicine against cancer. Further in the researcher’s report it says that for the first time it is reported this information as to identify and describe the activity that ginger has as it works its way to destroy the cancer cell due to its ant-carcinogenic properties. The activities can be called “in vivo” or “in vitro” because ginger has to ways of working. Using ginger extract as therapeutic medicine can be deadly only for the cancer that is occupying the human body. The reason why ginger extract is considered to be an amazing cancer killer and provides far better results than chemotherapy is due to its propertied to attack a specific area of the body, like the cancer cells, unlike chemotherapy the not only affects the cancer cells , unfortunately it affects almost the all of the cells of the human body. The good news is that ginger could be used in cases of ovaries cancer, not only in cases of prostate cancer.

Ginger Eliminates Ovarian Cancer Cells

Onset of cancer is described with the term Angiogenesis. It is much difficult to prevent cure ovaries cancer, but if you are able to prevent it, it is for sure that ovaries cancer will not be returning back and is treated successfully.

“BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine” published a study where is claimed by scientist that the properties that the root of ginger are unlike any others when it comes to beating ovarian cancer because of the anti-angiogenesis properties the root has. In practice this means that the root is the one that is preventing the cancer cells to grow. Using ginger root as prevention and treatment of cancer will give the best results and will not make the cancel cells resistant unlike the chemotherapy treatment. This was stated by the scientists of the University of Michigan and it was presented alongside their experiments at the American Association for Cancer Research.

Ginger is very tasty plant root, and when used as medicine it has almost no side effects, is not toxic at all and has the best property of all medicine, it is not addictive and prevent further development of ovarian cancer. That is why ginger is considered as much better treatment medicine than chemotherapy.

Ginger And Colorectal Cancer

During a conference of Cancer Prevention and Research in 2003, there were presented evidences by the scientist attendees. They showed the results from the research that ginger is also the best medicine fro preventing, protecting and eliminating colorectal cancer. And these were the results of only on study. If researched more, maybe in the future, cancer will be treated only the natural way, if further research results the same or even better results.

The Journal of Nutrition published the results of long research in 2015, showing that ginger I more effective and less damaging to the healthy cells of the body. And its effectiveness is not only effective against colon cancer, but it also brings the need of chemotherapy close to zero. Ginger should be given as substitute medicine in case of colon /colorectal cancer as a therapeutic option instead of chemotherapy.

If further research gives the same or better result, the possibility of ginger to become official medicine / cure for cancer is much greater than ever and chemotherapy could be used only in severe cases.

All results until now show that ginger is not only useful and helpful for colon cancer, but also for ovarian cancer, also is good in destroying cancer ovules and prostate cancer. And because is natural medicine has nothing to do with the dangers that chemotherapy brings.

Not only ginger is tasty but it doesn’t have any negative sides, it has never poisoned people, it never hurts healthy cells, and only targets the enemy cancer cells.

How To Use Ginger As Medicine

Ginger can have many uses, in sweet, savory and salty foods and drinks. It can be used in smoothies, in cakes, in cooked pot foods, baked goods etc. If possible try not to overcook it so it will keep its medicinal properties. But the recommended amount of ginger per day should be more than 4 grams and for women who are pregnant it shouldn’t be more than 1 gram per day. As every potent food/medicine, ginger should also be taken in regulative dozes.


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