Goiter Treatment


     Goiter is hypertrophy or swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck. This phenomenon is explained by the lack of iodine in food. It is believed that the protection and as an aid in the treatment of goiter also has calcium.

    The best natural sources of iodine are iodized salt, seafood (cod, salmon, oysters) as well as the food produced by the sea, eggs, bread, cabbage, meat, cheese, potatoes, beans and apples.

     Most calcium has in these foods: cheeses, particularly hard, yogurt, canned sardines, cabbage, carrots and kohlrabi.

     Due to the fact that the iodized salt in addition to protection of goiter has other useful properties to the health, it is defined by regulations that salt has to be a suitable amount of iodized iodine (10 mg potassium iodide per 1 kg of salt, or the corresponding amount of sodium iodide). They are being sold as consume salt, must not contain less than 5 nor more than 15 mg of iodine per kilogram.

    For the treatment of goiter is considered a useful chewing garlic.

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