Green Juice From The Famous Doctor Oz: Elixir For Rebirth Of Each And Every Organ! (RECIPE)


This drink is extremely rich in vitamins and healthy fiber, poor in calories, and contains good compounds for every organ.

According to the famous doctor Oz, you should start at least one day a week by consuming this beverage, and it would be even better to consume it each day. It is extremely rich in vitamins and healthy fiber, is poor in calories, and contains good material for each part of our organism.

You do not need to strictly follow the quantities specified in the recipe (and if you do not have everything you need, you can omit some). More or less of any specified ingredient(s) will not harm the resulting beverage. Eventually you should get about 1 liter of liquid, and you can always increase the quantity by adding some water. Put all ingredients in a blender, mix the sauce and serve immediately.

Ingredients needed: 2 handfuls of spinach (which is good for the brain), half a cucumber (hydrates, soothes and cleanses the organism), quarter of a celery stem (it is good for the bones), 1 sprig parsley (good for circulation and the overall health of the heart), 4 leaves of fresh mint (tastes great, and calms and relaxes), 3 carrots (good for skin, eyes), 2 green peeled apples (apple, as it is, is good for everything), a quarter of an orange (good for metabolism) , a quarter of a lime (cleanses, great against stones in the kidneys), a quarter of a lemon (good for everything, cleanses, sootheses, refreshes, protects from viruses), 150 grams of pineapple (great for digestion, it is full of vitamins, very healthy), ginger, thumb-sized root, cut (it is good for the entire organism).

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