Habits Because Of Which Your Child Will Never Get Sick



          Practice the following habits and your child will never get sick:

  • Regularlywashing the hands-handsof smallchildrenmust be washed each time it is coming home from playing outside,before eatingandafter using the toilet. It takes15-20secondsfor a thoroughwashing.
  • Outdoor activities- Practicing moderateoutdoor activitiesfor children, everyday,no matter howcold,reducesthe chancesofvirus infectionfrom 25 to50%. Outdoor activitiesare a key togood circulation, and with its helpthe bodyeasilyfightsinfected cells.
  • Good qualitysleep -Babiesneed14hours of sleep, while preschoolers need from 11 to13 hoursdivided throughout the day.Anylack of sleepincreases the chances ofcoldsby 50%.
  • Teachchildrennot to touch their nose, mouth and eyes, because virusescommonlyenter the bodyrightthrough them.
  • Healthyfood -Choose foods rich invitaminC, such asbroccoli or orange, and vitaminDsuch astuna, cereals and whole milk. Consuming a probiotice. yogurtisalso very usefulfor children’s defense mechanism. A dish full ofvegetablesand fruitsis anotherprerequisitefor a strongimmune system and resistantorganism.

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