Habits That Can Harm Your Mental Health


        People have habits that can damage their mental health.

        One of these is the position of the body. In people who walk with bent head, slumped shoulders and a curved back, this position creates sequences of bad thoughts, negative emotions and memories, namely when a person is depressed it reflects on their walk.

       There are people in your environment who absorb all the energy you have, and later you feel like the whole world is on your shoulders. Therefore you should always put yourself first, because no one is more important then you. It is also very important to dedicate time to yourself, take at least one hour a day to relax and do virtually what you want.

       Regular physical activity reduces the risk of being depressed. So start today doing any physical activity. Irregular and insufficient sleep is automatically reflected in mental health. The poor emotional relationship that you currently are into can make you depressed and unfriendly, it is always better to be alone than with someone who does not fulfill you. Talking to friends and close people is also highly important, But, we are talking about the one conversation that is followed by coffee and some snacks. No conversation via Skype, Facebook or viber can replace it.

       Prolonging tasks can only continue the depressive condition in which you have fallen. This is why doing your job is good, because it will make you feel better. For having and maintaining better mental health always make a plan and schedule which you will hold on to. Never do more things at once. It is best to wake up 15 minutes earlier just so you can drink coffee alone in peace and remember not to sit in front of the computer right away, for a change try just looking through the window.

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