Hands are our main operating tools. Without them, things we do on normal daily basis would be impossible, for example, us writing and giving you this article in order to help you. They play a crucial role in our lives and that is why we should take a good care of them.

Since the hands are the first part of the body to be affected by the aging, they are quickly affected by breaking down of the collagen and elastin fibers. Also, there is no fat in the hands and the skin is thinner, causing it to start looking wrinkly, as soon as we enter our 40’s. And yet, the expensive chemical packed creams we find on the market aren’t doing any good either. But luckily, there is a natural solution to this problem, and we are going to show you some of the best home made remedies.

Here are some of the best remedies for keeping your hands looking smooth, young and wrinkle free:

  1. Eggs

If there is anything that improves the elasticity of the skin at its finest, it is eggs mixed with honey. Mix 1 tbsp. of honey with 1 egg white and apply it on your hands. Wait until it is completely dry, before washing it with soap.

  1. Potato

Bake a potato and make puree out of it. Add 2 tbsp. of olive oil and 2 more tbsp. of honey, some milk and mix the ingredients well. Keep the mixture in your fridge and apply it a few times throughout the week. Wash with soap afterwards.

  1. Rosehip oil

Another thing that provides elasticity to your skin is the Rosehip oil. It is packed with many essential nutrients that the body and skin need, so massaging your hands with this oil is guaranteed to keep them looking smooth and young.

Removing Dark Spots from the Hands

  • Lemon and sugar

Add 2 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl of freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix the two ingredients well. Apply the mixture on your hands, let it dry out and wash it with water and soap afterwards.

Hydration remedy

  • Almond oil

Soak or wash your hands with cold water and apply almond oil cream afterwards. Put on cotton gloves and let the oil act its wonders overnight.

  • Petroleum jelly

Another good way to keep your skin hydrated and elastic is by applying petroleum jelly on your hands.

What to avoid in order to maintain your hands young and smooth?

Well, to maintain the perfect skin on your hands, avoid bad habits such as nail biting and washing your hands with hot water, since it is going to dehydrate them and dry them out.

And last but not least, we recommend wearing gloves in the winter, and applying moisturizing cream afterwards.


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