Healing Herbs For Calming

     Herbs that lead to calming and soothing and do not cause any kind of addiction are valerian, hawthorn, chamomile, lavender and bay leaf.

  • Valerian

      Valerian is used to calm the organism and to improve sleep. It is also used for treating anxiety and stress, general disturbance and nervousness, irritability and in cases of accelerated heartbeat caused by a sense of fear. Best of all is that you cannot get addicted as you you might when taking tranquilizers.


  • Hawthorn

      Hawthorn is used as a natural remedy for relaxing the nervous system, against high blood pressure as well as for relaxation of the heart. It reduces arrhythmia and increased heartbeat and regulates high blood pressure.


  • Chamomile

      Chamomile is a healing herb with the ability to relax the whole body. Drinking strong chamomile tea will help you to easily fall asleep. This is why this herb is highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia and stomach cramps.


  • Bay leaf

     This herb has amazing action when it comes to dealing with fatigue and stress. Take a few dried bay leaves, put them in a bowl and set them of fire. Leave the room. After 10 minutes, when the leaves have burned, the room will be filled with mild smoke. Bay leaf combustion emits specific substances that will help you relax and reduce fatigue.


  • Lavender

      German and French doctors’ researches have shown that lavender will help you fall asleep easily. Inhaling lavender scent helps against nervousness, anxiety and depression. It also possesses calming effects affecting the nervous system due to this herb’s essential oils. These essential oils are released when you put lavender in warm water. This way your skin can absorb them. This is why taking a warm bath with lavender flowers is highly recommended.


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