Hemp Oil Cured 3-Year Old Boy From Cancer


          The boy Landon Riddle aged three years, who was diagnosed with leukemia, immediately began treatment of chemotherapy. After two months of chemotherapy the boy began to feel very bad, vomited, refused to eat, and doctors lost hope and gave him 8-10% chance of life. Since the doctors did not have any other solution, they told the child’s parents that their boy will probably not survive.

         In those most difficult moments, Landon’s grandmother found information online that the disease can be cured with cannabis oil. They moved from Utah to Colorado, where treatment with oil of cannabis was legal and they began the treatment within days. The health situation of Landon began to improve, he vomited less, began to eat and laugh. Simply a miracle happened.

         The boy’s mother said, “It is disgusting because everyone on the planet that selects treatment with cannabis medicines before the pharmaceutical companies will be condemned. You have to be prepared to anything, follow your intuition, and have an excellent team that will help you no matter what. Do not waste time to ensure that every other medication does more harm than good. If your intuition says that something is good, then you are probably right”. Currently Landon’s diseases is in remission.

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