Here’s Why Every Night You Have To Eat A Teaspoon Of Flaxseed!


       Be sure to insert your evening ritual, and this, the results will delight you. It is believed that this is the first plant that humans domesticated. In addition to being used in the textile industry, flax , specifically its seeds are very beneficial for people. Rich in protein, soluble fiber, minerals, iron and zinc, and vitamins B1, B2, C, E and provitamin A.

      Flexseed is used as a dietary grains that consume those who hold diet or wanting  better to purify the body.  How are rich in oils and fiber, these seeds are an excellent laxative. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in flax, have anti-inflammatory effects. Many clinical studies have shown that this plant can treat problems with high cholesterol,  heart disease and some of Sjögren’s syndrome (a chronic autoimmune disease).

      To solve the constipation, every morning  eat a teaspoon of raw seeds on an empty stomach. Although perhaps not sound delicious, chew it as long as you can. It’s easier if you might be when you dip a spoon of flax seeds in a cup of lukewarm water, allow to stand for six hours to eat the seed before bedtime.

    (Of course , the water spill) . Otherwise , flaxseed in water becomes slimy, but precisely in this slime are all its healing properties. It encapsulates the suffering stomach, protects and relieves inflammation.

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