Home Remedies Against Stretch Marks


     Eliminating stretch marks is hard and difficult task who take a lot of time and patience. There are several ways in which this problem can be solved such as abrasion or with the help of laser technology, but they cost a lot of money and not everyone can afford.

     Stretch marks usually occur in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and chest. The reasons may vary, but mostly the result of pregnancy, a sharp increase, rapid change of weight, stress or due to hereditary factors. However should not despair, because below will present six ways that can really help you in their decline, and you can do it yourself at home. But remember you need to regularly apply and be persistent.

     Lime or lemon juice – The use of lemon juice is one of the easier methods to remove stretch marks. Lemon juice is a natural acid, whose properties are ideal for dealing with stretch marks, acne scars and other damage to the skin surface. It is necessary to follow the following instructions:

   – Lemon juice with circular movements rub it on stretch marks.

   – Leave the juice on the skin surface and wait about 10 minutes to soak.

   – Then rinse skin with warm water.

   – Do this three times a day, until you get the desired results.

   The same can also do this with potato juice, because the juice contains minerals and vitamins that are suitable for the growth and regeneration of skin cells. For this, it is necessary to place the potato in a juicer, because when he cut into pieces the liquid releases, so you skin gently rub with a slice of potato. The procedure is the same as with lemon juice.

    Steamed carrots – Many consider to be successful way, and consists of that should first steam cooking some carrots until tender. Then do mashed carrots mixture, allow to cool and place it on damaged skin. Leave this mixture applied, as long as possible.

    Cocoa butter  Cocoa butter has long been known for its ability to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It is effective because it penetrates deep into the subsurface of the skin. It should be applied at least twice during the day. After one to two months stretch marks will begin to reduce.

    Aloe vera – Aloe Vera is often used in cosmetics, as a treatment for various skin problems, including stretch marks. Aloe keeps skin hydrated and regenerated. Although there are many products that contain aloe, it is best to use fresh juice harvested plant, and he applied to the skin two to three times a day.

    Egg whites – Eggs are rich in proteins and amino acids, and it makes a good cure for stretch marks. To use in this purpose, you need to beat two egg whites, which will get snow white mixture. Blush brush, apply the mixture on damaged skin, let it dry, and after a while rinse with cold water. Then applying olive oil to the skin in order to keep hydrated .

    Tip – Whatever you decide, repeat the process every day until we get the expected results. Do not be rash, it takes longer to really notice the difference. Also, always apply the mixture  on a clean skin.

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