Hope For Cancer Patients: Dandelion Root Of More Effective Drug Of Chemotherapy?


     Although our grandmothers prepared syrups knowing that dandelion contains many medicinal substances, what certainly did not know that dandelion root may help cancer patients. It was found that the root of this plant reportedly performs better than chemotherapy because it kills all cells and roots of dandelion hit only the cancerous cells.

     The University of Windsor in Canada is conducted a baseline survey of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the results provide new hope for cancer patients. It found that dandelion root effectively kill cells affected by cancer without any harmful side effects on other cells in the body.

     Dandelion tea acts of affected cells so they decompose within 48 hours, and during that time our new healthy cells in the body do not become ill, according to a survey. It is thought that continuous treatment with dandelion root can destroy cells affected by cancer in patients, and because of these unexpected results team of experts received additional support to continue research on this herb.

     John Carlo, 72 year old patient who was himself convinced of the curability of dandelion, went through intensive and aggressive treatment with chemotherapy and treatment spent three years before doctors to let him go home to spend the last days with loved ones.

     Doctors have less alternatives in finding a viable solution in the fight against his illness, suggest to drink tea from the root of the dandelion as a last chance for salvation. After 4 months, this man experienced remission of the disease (partial or complete withdrawal of cancer).

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