The House Always Smells Incredibly, But Nobody Knew Why. This Trick Will Change Your Life!


We’ve all had to deal with unpleasant odour spread across our home at some point in our lives. Whether it was from a rotten product, a ventilation failure or another cause, there’s one thing for certain – we would do anything to eliminate it. It is a fact that everyone wants to live in a clean and fresh home, but nobody likes frequent cleaning.

This is why we’ve written this article to inform you about a simple incredible mixture that is easy to prepare but will help your home smell incredibly fresh!

Keep on reading to find out how to prepare the amazing mixture!

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 Spray bottle
  • 1 tbsp. of baking soda
  • Lukewarm water
  • 3 tbsp. of fabric softener


Add the baking soda and fabric softener in the spray bottle and fill it up with lukewarm water. Shake the bottle to make sure the ingredients are mixed well. Once done, spray the refreshing mixture around your home and enjoy the wonderful aroma.


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