How To Deal With Inner Conflict


        The internal conflict is a mental struggle, sometimes unconscious, resulting from different conceptions of the world and different needs of the person, mutually opposite. A conflict may occur for example in behavior, if a person wants to watch a TV program, but on the other hand wants exercise, between creativity and reliability, among other obligations, such as family and professional commitments and so on.

       Dr. Jane Bolton – family therapist suggests ways through which you can successfully solve your internal conflicts. According to    her the first and most important thing to do is to recognize your internal conflicts, and then write them down by making a list of the needs of our subpersonality. All sides need to meet the needs in order to restore internal peace. When the needs are clearly identified, common the subpersonalities seek a solution to meet the diverse unfastened. Generate as many ideas as you can through a process called “brainstorming” and make a list of solutions to meet the diverse needs. A solution that is best for both parties or a solution that is “the least of all evils” can derive. When all opposing parties jointly participate in the decision, every step forward is easier and finally the various parts of a person evaluate (assess) the decision for its operation.

       When the interpersonal conflict will remain unresolved, frustration, resentment, apathy, fatigue, aggressive behavior of the individual may occur as a consequence.

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