How To Make Your Kid Stop Swearing


         Studies show that 60% of children swear and 42% “enrich” their vocabulary with bad words before the age of 3 years. Preschool children swear because they meet strong reactions in adults – laughter, anger, but their intention is never to offend anyone because they do not understand the meaning of those words.

         When your child uses vulgar words never laugh. If your child sees that you are amused, he will keep the “entertainment” expressed and will continue to use it to keep up your mood. But you should keep “cold” expression on your face. As it is not advisable to laugh, so it is not advisable to be angry. Talk about bad words alone and when the child is at ease, not when it is excited, angrily or when you have guests because in such atmosphere, the child is unable to accept your advice. If a child is slightly older and has its own money, introduce a rule in the home that on every derogatory word he says he needs to be punished with a sum of money which ends in a special fund. Teach your kid to cheer people in other ways, using a joke or funny short story that can be retold to others. No matter if you are angry due to bad traffic or noisy neighbor, it is necessary to keep control over your words. The rules which exist on child language should also apply to adults. It is simple – if you do not want a word found in your child’s vocabulary, do not use it. Do not punish the child, although many believe it is the right decision. It is also wrong to tell him that indecent words are for adults. If you tell him this, his desire to use such words will increase because kids always want to be like adults. Always encourage children when they use good words and show them how proud you are with them.

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