How To Recognize Anorexia

       Teenager suffering from anorexia - 19 Dec 2008

          Anorexia is eating disorder, and in the middle of it lays the enormous fear of obesity. The consequence of this unwarranted fear is self starvation and great weight loss. Besides weight loss, malnutrition can cause hormonal disorders, anemia, irregular heartbeat, brittle bones and many other health problems.

           In order to help yourself and your loved ones, it is necessary to know the basic symptoms indicative of anorexia. These people are often preoccupied with counting calories and constantly reading articles about celebrities who are very thin and thus justify their eating disorder. These people usually do not sit at a table for a meal with others, but instead they eat alone. They also very often chew gum, retain food in the mouth pretty long, have increased use of coffee or tea, cut meals, avoid foods rich in carbohydrates and eat low-calorie foods such as apples, carrots, celery etc.

           As a parent or a friend of one who struggles with anorexia, avoid commenting nutrition, obesity and appearance unless you have been asked. Show that person you respect her and others because of their internal qualities.

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