How To Stop Drinking Alcohol


        If you want to stop drinking alcohol there are several steps that can help you from alcohol withdrawal. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the risk of getting nervous stroke, increases weight, makes you constantly hangover and increases the probability of occurrence of liver diseases.

        The first step is to change your attitude on the withdrawal. You should understand that you remove yourself from a nasty enemy that has shortened many pleasures, not from a good friend who took care of you. Constantly repeat to yourself that you are doing a great job and firmly stick to your decision to stop. Dispose of bottles, cans, etc. as well as any household recipes that include wine as an ingredient. Do not consume even a sip of alcohol, drink more water. Do not avoid any situation in which earlier was normal for you to drink. Instead approach them with another point of view and remember that you can also have fun this way, without alcohol. Reward yourself for each day or hour pass without alcohol. Discuss with your doctor, keep in mind that quitting alcohol can have fatal outcome. So, if you feel any symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety and high blood pressure, you should go and get medical help before slipping into delirium. Start with yoga because it will help reduce stress and will settle you. Learn how to meditate, especially in the morning. Meditate when you have desire to drink alcohol. This way you will achieve peace of mind during meditation. During the first week of quitting take vitamin B complex daily. Keep on hand chocolate because nibbling chocolate is typical for withdrawal from alcohol. Chocolate will reduce impulses that you feel.

        Do not let yourself be bothered by the feeling of guilt because you previously have done nothing to solve your problem. Do not blame anyone because of this, not even yourself. Alcohol is the enemy! It constantly used to whisper in your ear and gave you the talk as it was the most important, but nothing is more important than yourself. Being dead will not bring any kind of benefit. It will be hard at first, but keep in mind you have been constantly misguided by alcohol and now that it has disappeared, you can start to live again.

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