Hugs Protect Us From Getting Ill

                 Hugs protect people from disease and reduce symptoms in case of illness. Studies show that as soon as you embrace a loved one the hormone called oxytocin is released and thus lowers blood pressure, and simultaneously is releasing us of stress and sense of burden. Also, by expressing love and embracing a loved one, you improve your memory. Scientists have found that when you hug loved ones, and people you trust, and the feelings are mutual, the hug’s effects are highly positive. However, when you hug people who do not know well, hug’s effects are not positive, in fact, the effect is completely reversed and causes stress.


               Hugs, as a form of social support, protect people from stress’ impact on their physical condition, which means they protect from depression and anxiety.


                   Researches claim hugs reduce stress’ harmful effects on the body in people suffering from flu or cold. Results have show that people who hug more frequently, or believe they have bigger social support, were less likely to get a cold. People who have had a cold, but hug more often or believed were socially supported, have gone through milder symptoms. Hugs’ protection impact can be attributed to the physical contact itself, or hugging, as an indicator of support and intimacy. People receiving hugs are more protected against diseases and infections. Hugs also have incredible impact in the fight against other diseases, stress and depression.


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