If You Want To Improve Your Memory, Smell Rosemary


       Many doctors recommend rosemary if you want to improve your memory. Rosemary is used in folk medicine as a remedy which helps improve memory, but scientists were interested to find out if indeed this herb has such a strong influence on our mind.

       In addition an experiment has been made in which a group of subjects were placed in a room in which rosemary oil was set and another group which were not exposed to such oil. In the room items were placed in various locations and respondents were asked to remember in which part of the room they noticed the items. Then, the participants were given tasks in which they were required to solve complex puzzles but simultaneously they needed to answer questions that were related to the objects in the room. After the experiment it was noticed that respondents who were placed in a room with rosemary oil had better functioning memory. Rosemary is also used as a spice in food and that can improve memory.

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