In A Healthy Body Healthy Mind – Mental Health And Physical Activity



         Mental health is defined as a welfare state in which every individual implement their potentials, capable to deal with normal stressful life circumstances, can work productively and fulfilling and is capable to contribute to his/hers community. Mental state is not just absence of mental disorder. Health, in general, is a condition of completely physical, psychological and social welfare, and not just absence of disease or weakness.

         Numerous factors contribute to mental state’s development: healthy diet, good sleep, quality time with loved ones, relaxing by doing your hobby, setting goals for which there is realistic basis for achieving them. However, also very important characteristic is physical activity.

        Studies show that there is a strong link between physical activity of individuals and mental health. Namely, people who are not physically active in their spare time often suffer from depressive symptomatology. Socialization and social support, as social benefits arising from physical activity in leisure time, are more important than biological changes (metabolites) that take place during the activity in clarifying the specified connection between physical activity and reduced depressive symptomatology. Decreased physical activity also means reduced motivation. Quit doing activities that make us feel good also lead to the formation of a vicious cycle of inactivity and reduced positive experiences, as well as a drop in mood. All this can lead to dramatically reducing the scope of activities and can lead to neglecting everyday’s activities. This leads to reduced self-esteem, negative self-image and a sense of frustration. One way through which we can improve our mood is increased physical activity.

        Physical activity affects mental health by improving the mood. Exercise improves the ability to bear everyday stresses and and troubles, improves sleep quality, reduces body’s and mind’s tension, prevents anxiety and panic attacks, improves cognitive functioning, increases confidence, improves sex life and is one of the best and healthiest ways to increase happiness and pleasure.

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