Ingredients We Use Daily That Can Cause Cancer


     There are lots of ingredients we use daily without knowing they are risky and dangerous to consume that they can eve cause death…

  1. Potato – Potatoes that stand inyour pantry too long and havegreenishbarkcontain These compounds can causediarrheaand sometimes evencomaor death.
  2. Nutmeg – This ingredient is actually hallucinogenic. Consuming 5, 5 grams of nutmeg can cause cramps and 8 grams might cause heart attack. If you eat whole nutmeg it may lead to “nutmeg psychosis”.
  3. Rhubarb – This plant’s leaves contain oxalic acid. This kind of acid can cause occurrence of kidney stones. Consuming 5 grams of this plant will lead to death. Smaller amount will certainly cause some very serious problems.
  4. Tuna – This kind of fish is dangerous because it absorbs mercury in its flesh. When mercury enters the organism it can either be ejected through kidneys or go in the brain and cause some serious problems. Agency for Foodin America highly recommends childrenand pregnant women not to consumetuna at all.
  5. Almonds – Bitter almonds contain big amount of carbon Eating 7 to 10 of these bitter nuts can be fatal to children and can cause health problems in adults.


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