Intelligent People Fall Asleep Late, Take Drugs More Frequently And Constantly Have Sex

Sleep Disorders

         A study, published in Personality and Individual Differences, shows that people who have a higher IQ go to bed half an hour later than people with normal intelligence. The higher the IQ of a person the greater the chances he/she goes to sleep later. Being unable to fall asleep and belong in the “nocturnal birds” type of people might be a good thing.

        According to an article published in Psychology Today, individuals with higher IQ experiment with psychoactive drugs in childhood and when they become adults, than those with low IQ. UK scientists found that students who study in universities like Oxford and Cambridge spent more money on sex toys then students from other universities. The more prestige the university the more the students have sex.

        People who have a high IQ fall asleep later, take drugs more frequently and constantly have sex. However, these characteristics do not mean that this is a crucial moment to categorize someone as more intelligent over another who rarely makes these things. It simply reveals that people who have a high IQ often do these things because they come naturally to them.

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