Irritated Skin After Waxing – How To Soothe?


    After waxing most women have a problem with signs of irritation that appear on the skin. Irritated skin is red,  appearing pimples, darkred spots, even scabs. Depending on how sensitive is your skin, signs of irritation may disappear within a half day, and may persist for several days.

    Skin reactions

    Regardless of which method you choose, regardless of the expertise of beauticians, hair removal is, in itself, an invasive method. However, it is still much better than painless methods, such as shaving or hair removal cream, the problem resolved in only two or three days, and furthermore encourage hair growth and further strengthen its roots. The skin will, therefore, in the long run, be grateful that you have decided on hair removal, or skin reactions after waxing is inevitable. However, irritated skin can soothe, if you follow some basic rules.

    What soothes irritations

     Immediately after waxing, on  the extremely sensitive areas such as the upper lip or underarms, you can put an ice cube. Aloe Vera surely helps with problems such as irritated skin, because it has a soothing and moisturizing effect. After waxing, apply to the skin gel or cream based on this ingredient. At the pharmacy, you can look up and slides specially designed care after waxing, which contain antibacterial ingredients. This is especially true of ladies who have extremely sensitive skin prone to inflammation.

    What to avoid after waxing

     In the summertime  can not immediately exposed to the sun. Certainly not good to sweat immediately after waxing, because sweat can be corrosive micro-lesions that remain on the skin. So, postpone  training or any other activity that causes abundant sweating. Irritated skin does not like solarium or  sauna, but will suit her if you wear soft, cotton clothes in which they will be able to breathe.

     Prevent ingrowth

     Ingrown hairs make bad  appearance of the skin, and it can turn into a serious problem, if the ingrown hair inflammed. To prevent this, use preparations against ingrown that exist in the market and regularly exfoliate the entire body. Renewal of skin cells makes it new hairs to grow properly out of pores, not under the skin.

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