Is Milk Really Good For The Body


Milk      Once the milk has been considered for one of the most nourishing foods. Later, they appeared completely opposite opinion. We investigated various allegations of milk, to determine whether to drink a glass of milk a day, or not.

      Today there are a lot of opponents of milk. There is even a website dedicated to noxiousness of milk  promoted by members of some internet association. On the site you can read a lot of articles that are attributed to the worst features of this foodstuff. There is, for example, argues that cow’s milk contains carcinogenic hormone, and that this fact hides from public due to the large influx of money from the dairy industry and dairy products. Regardless of whether you believe in something like this or not, but claims the allegations date we have to ask ourselves. Leading US nutritionists investigated the accuracy of conventional attitudes about milk, proponents and opponents of these foods. Here are their answers to some of the main issues:

      Is milk ingredients, which helps in burning fat?

      The answer would be: maybe. The six-month study done at the University of Tennessee: one group of patients is taken three times daily milk and dairy products, and the other only once a day, with the dissolving calcium tablets. It was found that the first group of subjects lost more fat from the belly of the other. It is also found that the calcium in the form of an artificial (in the form of pills, dissolving tablets) is not as effective as milk. Why? Because the effect of burning fat affects not only calcium but also other components that can be found in milk, such as milk proteins. Of course, the key to success in losing fat intake is not only milk but the entire diet.

      Does milk builds muscle mass?

      Reply experts: Absolutely. Experts say that this is one of the best foods for strong muscles. Milk protein consists of 80% of whey and 20% casein. Both are high-quality proteins, but whey is particularly important because it contains a “fast protein”, which is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes the milk very useful after their sports activities. Casein is digested more slowly, so it is ideal for securing stocks of protein for a longer period of time – between meals or while you sleep . So – glasses of milk a day provides the body an ideal combination of protein to build muscle.

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