Itchy Skin


     Itching is a nonspecific symptom and not a disease. It can occur due to allergic reactions, various infections, mental disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, anemia, or simply dry skin. To determine the cause and received adequate therapy, it is necessary to go to an appointment with a dermatologist. The universal rule is: do not scratch the skin!

     Itching as a result of dehydrated skin is often encountered in practice. It occurs most often due to excessive use of soap, bath aggressive, long-term and frequent bathing in very hot water or as a result of aging. They are particularly dangerous with antibacterial soaps that dry the skin, so a lot of it becomes hypersensitive, which causes itching, which requires that the skin immediately smeared some soothing body milk. Recommendations for people with dry and sensitive skin has a shower with lukewarm  tap water.

      Mild shower gel can be used only once or twice a week. Make no mistake, the sweat dissolves in water, and therefore, if a person does not do where it will be quite dirty enough is to be showering with tap water. If you have dry skin, it is best to forget about bathing or if you can not, let bathing be very short and lukewarm water. What’s bathing longer and the water temperature is higher, the skin dries out more and itchy. Immediately after bathing the whole body should be lubricated with neutral milk. Eg. Urea 5 % milk for nursing that simply says in pharmacies and has no preservatives. Also, do not use perfumed body milk. In addition, the skin must be hydrated also from inside. Drink about two liters of fluids a day, preferably plain water.

      Itching certain part of the skin that is accompanied by redness, usually is due to hypersensitivity to certain chemicals with which we are in contact (jewelry, soaps, shampoos, creams, powder, household chemicals, building materials, synthetic fibers in the dressing room, etc.). Itching and redness occur immediately after contact with the allergen substance and can last a few minutes or a few hours. Itching entire skin usually indicates that there is an allergy to a substance that we have entered into an organism such as: food (eggs, nuts, honey, strawberries, etc.), drugs or allergens like dust, smoke, pollen, moisture. It occurs a few hours after eating or inhaling an allergen and can last for days.

      Itching certain regions of the skin that is accompanied by rash and swelling can indicate infection. The most common is fungal skin infection. Fungal infections of the skin of the body usually manifests round red seals which expand moderately dandruff. For athletes and people which foot sweat more frequent are fungal infections of the skin between the toes, which is identified by skin that is flaky, moisturizing and very itchy. Itching of the skin in the groin may indicate the existence of some sexually transmitted diseases while itching in the anus intestinal infection.

      Many internal diseases, disorders in the work of the thyroid gland, liver, kidney, diabetes has symptoms of itching weaker or stronger intensity. The rule is to treat underlying disease and not the symptom, because when the basic cure disease and itching disappears.

      If the itching is accompanied by paleness of the skin, dizziness, feeling of general weakness most likely cause of anemia in an advanced stage. It is necessary in this case to help doctors administer appropriate therapy. What you yourself, enrich your diet with vitamin C and foods that contain iron.

     Regardless of the cause of itching, skin does not need to scratch, it can only worsen the situation, create scratches and sores that can still be infected. It is important to wash your skin with lukewarm water with or without mild soap. After washing it is best to patting gently  with dry cotton cloth to absorb the water and avoid aggressive scrubbing. Lubricate the skin a soothing cream or lotion. In order to reliably determine the cause of the itch is necessary to consult a doctor, dermatologist, which will, if necessary, prescribe appropriate treatment or refer other physician specialty.

     Scabies is a highly contagious disease, which is the first and most pronounced symptom, just itching. It is spread by direct contact (including sexual way), but also through the items. Characteristic is very pronounced, unbearable, night itching. Make no mistake, the itching is present during the day but in a milder form.  All family members must be under treatment simultaneously, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. For while some ill , other members of the family are in the incubation. Thus, a cure and the others running for 21 days and then they catch the infection healed. There are cases where individuals do not fit in the family therapy and in such families itch spins per year or more. Therefore, it is essential that all members of the family of the lens at the same time to the dermatologist!

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