John’s Wort – Hypericum Perforatum


       Medicinal plant part – the flower, is harvested from June to August. Good acting on the nervous system. The herbs is usefull to produce oil. The oil is mainly used for external treatment of wounds, but also for internal use. The oil is placed on wounds that do not heal, the older burns. Protects against vaginal infections – is added to the vaginal tampons.

      How do you prepared oil: 4 tablespoons herb buds pour into a jar and leave for a day,t withered a bit . Then pour half a liter of olive oil, tightly closed – expose the jar on the sun  6 – 8 weeks. Apply the ointment on the wound crusting, rashes , hemorrhoids, and helpful  to drink a teaspoon of oil every day, with a piece of bread – for taste.

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