This Will Shock You – The Juice That Kills Cancer Cells, Treat Diabetes, Gastritis and Lower Blood Pressure!


The juice that we are going to present you in today’s article has been proven by many experts that it is far more efficient than modern medicine in many ways. It has been shown to prevent gastritis, hypertension, diabetes and cancer as well.

You might have not heard of it, but the health benefits of raw potatoes have been appreciated and known since ancient times and have been mentioned in folk many time. Although we think that raw potatoes aren’t good for consumption this is a mistake since they’ve been scientifically proven to have many health benefits.

The only thing that needs to be done to eliminate the risk of potato poisoning is to remove the skin and any green spots or sprouts that you might see.

Many health experts such as Dr. John Tucakov and John Lesindzer wrote about their research on this subject and had a lot to say about the benefits from the potato juice.

According to Lesindzer, the best natural cure for the most common health issue of the common world gastritis – is potato juice.

He believes that the combination of water and a tablespoon of fresh potato juice is capable of many health miracles. Drinking fresh potato juice 30 minutes before your meals is incredibly beneficial. Ad if you happen to be dealing with duodenal or stomach issues, you need to take a deciliter of potato juice 30 minutes before your lunch and dinner.

A professor at the Akita University School of Medicine in Japan, by the name of Kagamine, is an author of a study about raw potatoes. The doctor and his team managed to isolate a substance in raw potatoes that was capable of supressing the growth of tumours in laboratory mice. This research was later published in the International Congress and greatly contributes in the fight against cancer.

And raw potatoes are getting even more popular today, as researches all over the world are confirming their efficiency in treating heart diseases, liver and kidney issues, hypertension, rheumatism and diabetes.

Aside from these benefits, it also boosts the immune system, so it is extremely recommended if you’re dealing with a fatigue and low energy levels, to prepare yourself a cup of fresh raw potato juice with a few carrots and apples, and consume twice a day, in the morning and before going to bet.

Some of the more-known health benefits of potato juice:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Treats cancer and skin diseases
  • Decreases the blood sugar levels
  • Treats stomach issues and gastritis
  • Treats kidney and liver issues
  • Protects from cardiovascular diseases
  • The potato shells are also known to aid the detoxification process in the body as they are rich in beneficial nutrients and provide the body with vitamins such as Vitamin C and B6, magnesium, protein, iron, zinc and carbohydrates. Potato shells aid in body detoxification and provide a rich source of beneficial nutrients.

As we mentioned above, potatoes aid in the treatment of skin problems and will make your skin healthy, clean and free of acne and blackheads.

How to prepare a fresh raw-potato juice?

The preparation of this juice is extremely simple. Wash your potatoes well, remove any sprouts and green parts, slice the potato and wrap the slices into gauze to squeeze out the juice. You can also use juicers.

Try to drink your potato juice as soon as you can, combined with apples, carrots, lemons, honey and more.

It was written in a book called “The road to a healthy lifestyle: Cancer is nothing to fear” by Buddhist monk Tomizawa. According to him, 2 cups of fresh potato juice a day will treat not just cancer, but other vicious diseases as well.


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