Lack Of Sex Makes You More Productive


       Dr. Ragnar Bier, a psychologist at the University of Göttingen, included 32,000 men and women in his study of the counter proportionate ratio to sexual activity and work activity. The results clearly showed that the less sex an individual has the more active it is at work.

       People deprived of sexual activity must find something to compensate for the lack of sex so they often turn to work and the working environment in which they spend more and more time. Bier’s research team confirmed that 36 percent of men and 35 percent of women who had sex only once a week requires more work in the workplace. This way they forget about their poor sex life. Bier claims that the individual who lacks sex often works very much and takes a leading position. As shown in other studies, those who earn more and are successful people usually do not have good sex life filled with frequent adventures in bed. Having an important position results in less spending time at home, which in turn is itself harmful to the relationship between the partners. This creates a spiral effect that completely destroys sex life.



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