When it comes to the pubic area, well, it is personal and private and it can often be little embarrassing to talk about, but let us be honest. We all have our private parts down there, so we might as well share the knowledge we have and help each other out, if nothing.

Let us take for instance, the pretty common problem of darker skin in our pubic area. Some people, especially women, try hard to get rid of the uneven tone of their skin between their legs. If you are wondering if it can be done naturally and achieved safely ten read the article and find out?

Yes and yes!

First, let us look at the science linked to this dark skin condition. According to American Academy of Dermatology, this skin condition has a medical name, which is acanthosis nigricans (AN). Besides in the groin area, this darker skin tone can also develop on the armpits and neck. The discoloration can often create a somehow thicker skin with a smooth, and almost velvety touch. A dermatologist can determine if the condition is serious or not through a physical exam and medical history. In most of such cases, this skin condition affects healthy people who are commonly of African descent.

You can both develop it from suffering from diabetes, glandular disorder or a obesity, or be born with AN. Experts have found out that even certain medicines, such as oral contraceptives, can also cause the AN condition to occur on people’s private parts. There is no shame at all, because AN can affect a lot of people, but many are simply afraid and/or embarrassed to mention it.

Below you will find a few suggestions for solution to this problem. These solutions use natural skin care therapies in order to lighten the dark pubic area of the skin. The best way to apply these remedies is by setting some time aside so you can lie down, so the formulas you will apply stay put onto the pubic area or groin.

Lemons. Citric juice is not just for achieving having summer blonde highlights, because it possesses lots of health benefits thanks to its strong base of Vitamin C. Take some lemon juice and apply it by massaging onto the discolored skin area. Leave it on to act for about 10 minutes before you wash it off using warm water. Within one or two months, you will most likely notice a more even tone on the pubic skin area. Do not shave near this area right before applying the lemon juice, because it will sting for sure.

Rose Water and Sandalwood. You can buy both these ingredients at a Indian grocery or health food stores. Mix one spoonful of sandalwood powder together with 10 drops of rose water. Apply the resulting mixture over the pubic area after your have taken a bath and leave it on to act for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off afterwards. Sandalwood powder is great ingredient and it has been used for generations in order to soften and lighten the skin. Hydrating rose water also possess the ability to lighten the skin. Apply this amazing combination up to three times a week.

Aloe Vera Gel. If you do not own an aloe plant (so you can squeeze the gel from the aloe leaves) then buy a 100% pure aloe vera gel from any drugstore. Massage the aloe gel directly onto the pubic area and let it act for not more than 20 minutes. Wash the aloe gel off of your skin afterwards using warm water. This gel is completely okay and safe to use after each time you take a bath. Aloe vera gel has been used for many years in order to fade discoloration of the skin.

Plain Yogurt. Forget the tasty and sweet yogurts with fruit pieces on the bottom of the cup. You need plain yogurt which can offer amazing skin lightening benefits. Plus, the yogurt feels cool and possesses soothing benefits. Massage some yogurt onto the dark skin areas of your pubic area and leave it to act for not more than 15 minutes. Wash the yogurt off of your skin using warm water afterwards. Practice doing this on a daily basis for several weeks until you notice you have achieved the desired results.

Turmeric and Orange Juice. For years, many Indian women have benefited from turmeric powder’s incredible health benefits, because it possesses the ability to effectively lighten the skin. Oranges, like lemons, possess natural bleaching agents. Since turmeric can stain fabric, you need to be very careful not to drop some of it on your favorite piece of clothing. Combine a pinch of turmeric powder and two tablespoons of orange juice. Apply the resulting mixture onto pubic area on a daily basis and leave it to act for not more than 20 minutes. Wash the mixture off afterwards.

Gram Flour. This Southeast Asian staple is made of ground chickpeas and it happens to be a super skin lightener and exfoliator. Make a thick paste by mixing chickpeas and a little water and apply the resulting mixture onto the pubic area. Allow the mixture to completely dry before you wash it off of your skin using water. You can do this not more than three times on a weekly basis.

When you are applying products onto the sensitive groin or pubic region, often chemicals can cause irritation and some other health problems. That is why the natural solutions that have been constantly used for generations in many different cultures are the best tools to try out. Be patient. Lightening up the dark pubic skin can surely be achieved, and the results will appear gradually.

Source: healthytipsworld.com

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