Lime Is a Citrus Fruit That Helps The Skin Look Younger And Improves General Health


          LifePress magazine brings you 5 reasons why lime should become part of your diet. For lyme, we can say that is the lemon younger and sweeter sister. In Europe in the 15th century brought the British sailors, and it is believed that thanks to lime and his richness in vitamin C these sailors remain in good health.

  1. Lime for women’s health – This fruit contains calcium and folate, nutrients very important for women who have undergone menopause and those who are planning a pregnancy. One fresh lime contains 22 ml of calcium and even over 5 micrograms of folate.
  2. Lime rind to combat aging – Lime peel contains the inhibitor of melanin production. With age and due to exposure to UV rays, the pigment can cause dark spots on the skin.Rub the skin with lime rind  and prevent the formation of  stains.
  3. It has anticancer properties – Limonoid component which is located in lime, demonstrated a strong effect on the prevention of cancer of the colon, of the stomach and blood. Scientists have shown that this antioxidant can kill cancer cells in the blood remains active for a long time to neutralize free radicals.
  4. Lime juice can act preventively against the formation of kidney stones – Lime juice contains more citric acid from orange or grapefruit juice, and it is known that citric acid natural means for the prevention of kidney stones. It turns stones into crystals of calcium.
  5. Lowers Cholesterol – Hesperidin, a flavonoid found in lime, been proven to lower high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, thereby positively affect the health of the heart and blood vessels. If you are on a special diet because of cholesterol in your menu be sure to include lime. See recipe for Key Lime Pie – Pie limes from Florida.

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