The Man Who Shocked The World: Cancer Can Be Cured In 3 Minutes All You Need To Do Is THIS…


Although we have shared a lot of informational content concerning cancer, the article you are about to read now is a complete breakthrough: cancer can be healed within 3 minutes! Gregg Bade, a famous American author, proves that human subconscious has an essential role in the treatment of cancer. In fact, he explains that our feelings and emotions affect seriously our DNA. So, he adds, that the power of all of our suggestions, thoughts, and prayers influence positively the treatment of all health issues. This has nothing to do with religion.

Gregg Baden has a theory that there exists one field which unites everything. This field has been scientifically explained in details in a science journal Nature No. 332 from 1996. His theory doesn’t differ a lot from the one of Nikola Tesla: in the future, people can create electricity thanks to the power of their minds. And under the term mind, Tesla means our collective thoughts.

If you want additional proofs, then you should watch a video recorded in a Chinese hospital in which you can see how cancer (3×2.5 cm) is destroyed in only 3 minutes. You can see the whole process on an ultrasound screen.

To produce potent electromagnetic radiation, firstly, all you have to do is to learn how to control and enhance your feelings and emotions. You can achieve that only with practice. This means that our feelings reflect within our changing bodies. We gain the power to control what’s happening in our lives only by faith, feelings, and emotions, meaning that emotions are able to change the DNA.


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