Interesting Medicine For Joint Problems, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism…

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One of the common problems in our bodies, especially with aging is problems with bones, and joint. Treating the pain have never been easy and without medications. But, there is a simple recipe that will make your pain disappear and make your life easier. And the moist important ingredient is gelatin. This home made medication is nothing new to the people of the world, since it is practices for many many ears even by some really established names in the medical world.

Using gelatin is nothing complicated. It is as simple taking a teaspoon full of it and just mixing it with some Greek yoghurt, milk, juice or even simple tap water. If you wonder what type of gelatin to use, the answer, regular food gelatin.

You can also stir and mix it a bit longer so it will make the liquid really thick and dense, with the consistency of pudding.

Just remember that this medicine should be consumed before going to bed. Taking gelatin during the day is also not a problem, on the contrary it will even increase the remedy for bones and joints. So if you decide for the day time period, you can also add it in the morning in your cereal.

The most beautiful thing is that you will feel better, and the pain will be lower in only 7 days. The best results will be achieved if you consume it with the span of 4 to 6 weeks. Obviously older people are the common people with joint and bones pain, so they will probably be the happiest of all.

For those who are not informed where gelatin is coming from , here is short info. Gelatin is a product with organic origin, better said it has animal origin. The process of getting gelatin is a result of the protein collagen that has been trough hydrolysis. Protein collagen is found in the tissue of the animals and it is major component.

If you think that you never tried gelatin, we must say that you might be wrong, because gelatin can be found and is part of many types of foods that we consume on a daily basis, such as dairy products, gummy candies, meat products and of course the most obvious, jelly and jelly beans. You may also wonder why you can not find that information on the info stamp on the food products. Is not that it is not there, but all food ingredients have a specific code, and for gelatin it is E441.

The reason why we start having problems with our bones and joints is because the level of gelatin produced by our body lovers every single year as we age and that leads to lack of elasticity, lack of micro fibers production and than our body becomes less interconnected.

As result of all these changes to our body, all our motor movement becomes very slow and in the same time very painful, especially if we did not took care in the past.  Other result of loosing gelatin is the longer time our body takes to warm up.

Here are some uses of the gelatin:

  • Since it increases the collagen, the skin will have huge benefit because it will return and restore the elasticity.
  • Same as prenatal vitamins, gelatin will make your nails grow faster, healthier and the texture will be smooth and shiny.
  • Surprisingly it also activates the process of loosing and reducing cellulite, as well as improving your metabolism and remember the seasonal allergies, well they will be a thing of the past.
  •  It also supports the most advanced organ in our body, our brain. It helps to relax it and helps you sleep.

As we mentioned before, gelatin has animal origin, and most commonly used animals to produce gelatin are pigs and cattle. So, any time you are buying a product, try to read the label fixed onto it in order to see what type of gelatin is used in that same product. Cattle gelatin is considered to be one with more quality compared with the pig one.


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