Mint Like Morphine Against Strong Pain


    Science has confirmed the healing properties of menthol (mint), from which even the “old” Greeks and Chinese made refreshing and coatings used to relieve pain.

    Scientists have produced a synthetic product with the same chemical composition as well as the essential oil of mint (peppermint). Asset proved to be very good painkiller when applied directly to the skin. It can be especially useful for those suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis and diseases adversely affecting the nerve endings.

    Its cooling effect works wonderfully even in long-term painful conditions, when the nervous system is very sensitive that the slightest touch is a source of pain.

    Ancient healers in ancient China wounds healed with mint oil which contains ingredients for anti-inflammatory and cooled, and this reduces the pain when placed on the skin. Leaf mint have a strong characteristic odor, something like a balm. Its taste is pleasant, strongly aromatic, first heated and then cooled.

    Mint has a very aromatic smell taste like cumin, a little pepper test, and sometimes as grass, not at all refreshing. Essential oil containing both types: menthol and menthone. The leaves contain tannin. The content of essential oil is about 2.5 percent.

    In the Central European cuisine mint does not play a major role. In England and the United States with him spiced fruit cocktails and juices, fruit salad, peas and carrots, tea and cocoa. The most common use is for the famous Anglo-Saxon mint sauce that is served with mutton and veal, along with pastries, jellies and fish dishes. Here it is used to flavor beans.Peppermint oil is used for flavoring liqueurs, candy, toothpaste and medicines. For a similar purpose use and essence of mint (oil in an alcohol solution).

    Due to the pleasant and refreshing flavor, mint tea used in tea blends or individually.

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