Mothers Do 42 Different Chores Daily


         Mothers whose children are still visiting school do 42 different tasks, starting from activities in the kitchen and cleaning, finishing to preparing children for school.

         Mothers have heavy daily tasks such as taking care of children, maintaining their career and caring out all domestic tasks. These tasks are consuming both their time and their energy. Every day mothers perform the following activities: preparation of breakfast, waking up the children, preparing food that children bring to school, ironing clothes, washing dishes, washing and ironing clothes, cleaning, vacuuming, preparing dinner, making list of what to eat the next day etc. Almost half of these tasks are done before nine o’clock in the morning. Because of the complexity of these activities no matter how durable mothers are, they are constantly seeking tips and tricks that would ease these problems. The biggest stress is caused by cooking. Some women cook two meals a day in order to satisfy their loved ones.

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