Natural Juices For Liver Detoxification And Regaining Life Energy


        Over time, especially in winter, the body is saturated with preservatives from food, soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, air pollution etc. Then, slowdown in circulation occurs, which slows the detoxification process. This is why you should soothe skin, kidneys, liver, intestines and lymphatic system.

       Nutrition is essential for establishing the acid – base balance with consumption of vegetables, fruits and probiotics. They contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc.

       In contrast to them, there are the “sour” products, which in the process of detoxification should be completely avoided, as well as meat and processed meat, white flour and all white flour products, and even crackers.

       The familiar juice therapy is rigorous. It can be applied from a week up to more than three weeks. You should consume only juices made from fruits and vegetables, of course, those who have no preservatives and sugar. The best thing you can do is consume freshly squeezed juices and drink them as soon as they are prepared. Drink form 250 milliliters up to half liter of vegetable juices daily. Also, you should drink fruit juices in between. The minimum time between juice consumption should be half an hour. Drink tea and spring water in order to cleanse the blood.

       Here are two great recipes for kidney cleansing. You can either use blender or juicer.

  1. For thefirst recipe you need 4 celery sticks, handful of parsley,1 cucumber, half a lemonand water.
  2. For the second recipe you need 2 apples, 4-6 pieces of watermelon and water.

       Before you do kidney detoxification it is recommended to consult your doctor or en expert.

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