Natural Remedies For Large Pores


There are people who have facial large pores which he has given rough and ugly appearance. Because of the wide pores skin is exposed to various influences, and therefore the possibility of developing acne, blackheads, ulcers and other inflammatory processes, especially if such skin is oily. But for luck  are many natural remedies that can help in such cases. The most famous ways for treatmen are face masks, and as the most known is that of apple, honey, lemon and yoghurt.

This face mask is a mask before going to bed to be left to 15-20 minutes. The mask is made from chopped apples are mixed with honey, yogurt and lemon juice. After the action face wash with warm water.

  • Mask of almonds – 1/3 cup almonds blended very finely and add water until they become a liquid paste and apply on the face. Leave on for about half an hour. Finally wash the face with warm water.
  •  Mask of clay – The clay should be prepared for face  mask a week earlier and should be used only once a week.
  •  Mask of cucumber, apple, egg and milk – Beat the egg whites  and put milk powder, grated cucumber and apple. Make porridge consistency, apply it and leave on for 15 min,then rinse with warm water.
  • Mask of lemon – Lemon juice mixed with water and applied with cotton on the face. After half an hour wash the face. Lemon juice can also be drip in  your favorite face cream and leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Mask from milk whey or milk serum – Apply to face and leave for 20 min. Then wash it with cold water.
  • Mask of papaya – 15 min let on the face peels of papaya, which will help in reducing the pores.
  • Mask of mayonnaise – Blend mayonnaise with a little vinegar and egg. This mask is very oily and not recommended for people with oily skin.

There are other ways of treating problem skin with large pores, which are peeling and microdermabrasion, which are very good for older skin which improves pore size and reduces wrinkles.


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